Luss Investment is a private investment firm founded in 2009 and ever since has been active in the regions of Southeastern Europe and Middle East.

The Company is focused on financing and investment with particular expertise in the real estate development, tourism, leisure and manufacturing sectors.

Luss Investment has a team of dedicated professionals based in Belgrade, Serbia. The philosophy of Luss Investment is to “buy and build” investments through the employment of development/ growth capital and a hands-on approach. We give the portfolio companies freedom to achieve a balance between entrepreneurship on the one hand and financial discipline on the other.


We strive to develop a results-oriented culture with a focus on achieving a long term operating value. This is accomplished by applying a very systematic, focused and dedicated approach to the portfolio companies.

By implementing the aforementioned principles in our everyday work, we have built a comprehensive and successful investment firm.

As part of Luss Investment’s focus on the real estate development, property and leisure sectors we have developed a very close working relationship with Cornucopia Capital, London. In particular, Luss Investment and Cornucopia Capital have undertaken a number of transactions over the last few years.